Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chrismas Lights

       Well I want you to all know that I went out to take pictures for you guys of all the lights around town....and well frankly we didn't find anything that great to show you. So I took to the web to find some really phenomenal pictures of people with true Christmas Spirit!!!

     As a child going out the week around Christmas to drive around and look at Christmas lights was one of my all time favorite activities! If you were to spend even 5 mins with my grandfather around this time a year you would be bound to hear the story about me when I was like 4-6 some where around there when we went driving around town. I guess I was so excited about Christmas and all the pretty lights I was singing "Happy Day to me" to the happy birthday song the whole time we drove around. Well needless to say I still LOVE to go look at the lights.

    Although we have found out here and in Hawaii this isn't really something people do. As we had quite some challenge trying to find any houses that are very decorated. I love to see the neighborhoods in Colorado and Nebraska that go all out. Even have block contests for best decorations, that is always the coolest thing to see. If only everyone had this kind of Christmas Spirit.

   My favorite Christmas lights are the simple ones with beautiful colors, and the people who put them in the tree's in their yards also. And of course the icicle ones they are awesome.

But don't get me wrong lights CAN be over done like the below pictures!

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