Wednesday, December 5, 2012

St Nicholas Day


        Living overseas has its ups and downs but if there is one thing I really love, its being surrounded by the customs and traditions of an entirely different country. Although many traditions have made their way over to the states with the descendants of this land some have stayed here and I love them.

       This being one of those said traditions. St Nickolas day. On the evening before St. Nicholas Day, children put letters to the good saint, these are left outside, under the bed, beside a radiator, or on a windowsill in hopes of finding goodies from St. Nicholas the next morning. During the night Sankt Nikolaus goes from house to house carrying a book in which all the children's deeds are written. If they have been good, he fills their plate, shoe or boot with delicious fruits, nuts and candies. If not, they may find potatoes, coal, or twigs.

          So since we live here I found it only fitting that we too should put out our boots to find out if we have been good this year?

Well I think we have been pretty good this year specially Kyra the girl can do no wrong!!!

Well since tomorrow is St Nickolas day we are hoping that we will find him downtown at the market so we can finally get a picture of Kyra with him when dad is with us. If not looks like we will be going to one of the ones on week days on post just Kyra and I. Wish us luck.

So since this post was all about old traditional Christmas customs, I would LOVE to hear what little traditions your family still does that you couldn't do with out!!


  1. Very cute post Sabrina! I wish America had cute traditions like this that have been around forever.