Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Freezer is extra Icey!

          Welcome to the beginning of 25 days of Christmas. December is just an awesome month over all. Everyone is in a better mood, there is caring and giving and loving in the air. But now it will be even better as we spend 25 days of crafting and baking together and really ramp up the spirit at least in my house and on your computer!!!

           I decided to start with something that is really simple and really fun. This craft can be done to the very basic as I did, with simple construction paper, or could be done with a lot of detail also. As it's frozen counter part has been proven you can go just about in any direction with how you add your personality to yours.

          I have seen it done many times and well basically I have a hard time doing it before because if you have ever been in my house you would see that my fridge is normally COVERED in pictures and cards from my family I love to see them every time I go into the kitchen. So making the commitment to take them all down for the month was hard but, after I took them down and did this it was TOTALLY worth it because it makes me just as happy.

My Fridge Before.

             Not only did I have to take down all my pictures but having a clear fridge was a perfect opportunity to clean it, I didn't realize how dirty a fridge gets, But after a good scrub down we had a shiny white fridge ready to be turned into any thing my imagination could make!!!

Look at that Puppy shine

          For you fellow Pinterest fanatics, by just seeing this going as it is, you probably know where we are going as far as Christmas crafts. But we turned our fridge in to Frosty. As I said before I chose to stick with a basic coal eyes and buttons look. But I have seen a girl snowman, or ones making funny faces, or really anything you can imagine!! But here is our results:

Happy lil guy

        If you have the time to cut out basic shapes you should certainly try to do this some year as it really does make your whole kitchen feel more in the Christmas spirit. It is normally a part of the house that is left out in the decorating spirit aside from a few tossed in towels here and there.

          Would love to see your frosty's so if you have ever done this before or plan on doing it, post the results in the comments or email them to me as I would love to show them off on the blog sometime this month to share the spirit together.

        Stayed tuned for day two which is gonna be about a special gift of advent.


  1. I already saw this.... -Tami

  2. This is so cute!!! I have a cork board stuck to mine or I would totally do it :( maybe I can get it off there! Lol

    1. You should it may be some work but boy does it make your kitchen feel more festive!!!