Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Joy to the World


         Yay for another SUPER DOOPER cheap craft!!! I saw this any many many places, and I love it. I have already kind of done this for Kyra's bow holder but found better directions to do it this time so it went more smoothly.  I started with the J which went pretty simple aside for the one curve.


         Than I did the O which was fairly more difficult as I realized a. the whole thing is a curve. And b. that I had to stick the whole ball of yarn through the hole to wrap it so that was a pain. And than when the yarn got tangled it was a whole other problem as I spent like 15 mins untangling it so that I could even continue. Needless to say I ended up having to use a lot of hot glue to keep the yarn in place.


      And Y was another story too, trying to figure out how to cover the awkward little triangle that ends up in the middle. So Dustin and I got creative and added buttons.  Which ended up being ultra awesome as we have a whole tin full of buttons from Dustin's grandmother that she gave him for Kyra to play with when she is a bit older like he used to every time he visited her. So it also adds sentiment to the letters so we will have a piece of Great Grandma up every year :)

    This is the final product it turned out adorable and I love it!! I also love that Dustin has been whistling Christmas songs, and even admitted to being excited that it is only 13 days away. I don't know if he is really excited, more about Christmas or just the gifts I got him or maybe that it means no more shoving it down his throat lol. But I'm just gonna believe that he is starting to like Christmas!

      The J is my favorite and I think I may just keep it on the door all year round :) That is gonna be such a cute decoration. I think I'll buy a heart shaped wreath thing to put it on after Christmas!!


  1. Very cute! I would suggest small pieces of double sided tape to keep the yarn in place as you go. And if you cut through the "o" in one spot it would be a little easier to wrap. Then you'd just need to cover the break with a button. I'm a yarn freak, so I love this! :) Loving your craftiness!

  2. This is SO CUTE! I was thinking about doing something similar with hemp to make a C for our front door. And I LOVE the buttons you added. It really MAKES the piece!