Monday, December 17, 2012

The long wait comes to an end

     I have been holding out on posting these pictures in hope that the Christmas cards would all be out in time. But I can't wait anymore. My family has been really busy lately with my nephew getting his hearing implants, and the planning it takes to help a 1 year old recover from surgery, so I haven't had a chance to see if they got them. But if not I hope that these pictures bring them joy on this stressful day!!!

     Almost a month ago we hooked up with Ashley for our Christmas pictures and as ALWAYS she showed up and made some of the most amazing pieces or art. The one of us in the background was my brain child and I was SO excited to see it in print exactly how I had been imagining it!

    She also was nice enough to do a bunch of precious pictures of Just Kyra to help us remember her first Christmas!!! She loved the ornaments and was so excited that Ashley had brought them over to play with!!!

       We got some of her kind of standing too, this was when she first started pulling up to things and she wasn't very balanced so we only got a couple with the black background!


     And than just as a trial so she could see how it was gonna workout we wrapped Kyra up in lights. Well needless to say doing this at the end of the session didn't work out how we had hoped as she kinda started stressing out and crawling away. The lights were plugged in so Ashley snapped a few and we were done for the day. I must say that I am obsessed with these pictures as I always am when I get the pictures back from our sessions!! Haha I am already looking forward to January for the main reason that we are getting 9 month pictures done!!! Gonna be so much fun as always.

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  1. Oh my god these are all so precious!!! I love the one with you two in the background!!