Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bringing winter inside

   Well first off I am sorry that I didn't leave up the contest long enough stateside for people to have a chance to get home and read the blog yesterday, Next contest I will leave up for grabs from midnight to midnight MST. On that note there was one person who read and entered the contest yesterday. The Winner was Beth Winter. She has confirmed with me already and I am excited to start working on her Christmas Card holder.

      Today's craft should get those of you in warmer areas excited. If your not getting snow outside you can always bring the winter inside :) This is the one craft that truly has thousands of different ways to do it. You can make tons and never have one that looks exactly the same. Just like the real thing.

    That's right we're talking about SNOWFLAKES. We have all been making these paper snowflakes since we were young, but boy are there some really cool ones out there to try and make. Here is one that would be really fun to try and make but I didn't do myself because it didn't seem Christmas/winter enough for me. http://goodideasforyou.com/mix-a-match/2153-diy-snowflake-ballerinas.html

      The one that I found on my friends Facebook wall that caught my attention was Star Wars snowflakes. Because in our house we are major Star Wars Fans!!! Here is the link that has all the designs you can imagine for the Star Wars Characters: http://anthonyherreradesigns.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=60:star-wars-snowflakes-2012&catid=34
Yoda, I couldn't cut out his eyes they were too small

C3PO I think i folded him wrong lol the one head is all skinny and has 1 eye lol

What are the coolest snow flakes you have made? 

Baby snowflakes I made last year!


  1. We love making snowflakes! It was a great way to have snow while we lived in Arizona, and the boys love seeing how many different shapes they can make. :)

    1. Very cool, they are so fun and so easy to do :)