Saturday, December 15, 2012

My dream home

      Oh to be surrounded by sweets all day everyday, doesn't that just sound DELICIOUS?  I would be in Heaven! I have such a terrible sweet tooth, but it makes me happy. Just equals a lot more days to the gym.

     Last night we were invited to a Gingerbread house making party!! This was our first time to one of these. And it was SO much fun. It was great to get a chance to talk to all my girl friends, and than to be able to munch on all the yummy candy as we built them!

     Dustin did most of the construction as I held on to Kyra and helped with input!!! We kept it pretty simple! But it totally turned out adorable if I do say so myself. The pictures were taken by Ashley Berry, our favorite photographer ever. And you should all go look at her pictures on there are pictures of Kyra on there :) Also you can look at more of her pictures if you go to her Facebook page here!!!

Have any of you ever built Gingerbread homes? What is the coolest decoration for Ginger bread homes? I was pretty impressed by a few....Like puppy chow shingles, gum drop beer bottles, Ritz doors, and added on Chimneys!!!