Thursday, December 6, 2012

Adding cheer around the house.

      So as you can tell from the blog I LOVE Christmas. But the main reason I decided to do the 25 days of Christmas was to try and establish some fun Christmas Traditions for our little family. My hubby is not a huge fan of Christmas it's just another holiday to him. So I am hoping that shoving tons of Christmas down his throat will make him start to enjoy it. And I couldn't think of any better way than to by the end of the 25 days have SO much Christmas stuff around the house he can't think of anything else.

     Today's blog isn't really anything that fun, but showing some fun ways to use extra ornaments to add the cheer in different places around the house.

Paper chains always look nice!!

I have our pretty little Nativity  scene and candy canes and ornaments here :)

Ornaments by the front door!

     If you love you some Christmas stayed tuned, cuz tomorrow is going to be another give away day!!! I will leave it up for anyone to use from 12am-12am MST. So see you all tomorrow!

What do you do to get in the Christmas spirit?


  1. blare Christmas music 24/7! hehehe.

    1. Awesome I have it playing most the time :) Kyra dances and sings to it she is a dork!!