Monday, December 31, 2012

Starting 2013

     So here comes the end of the year only 51 mins til we all spiral into the next year here in Germany that is. And well needless to say tonight is the night everyone eats the most JUNK and drinks til they feel like puking. We decided that wasn't the way to go. We haven't done anything too wild for New Years in a long time. Yes ringing in a new year is exciting but, who wants to wake up feeling shitty about themselves and hung over? That is really not that way to start a new year.

    So instead we had a healthy dinner of chicken breasts, red potatoes, and pasta. And also started Insanity today. I would like to say that we are not doing that as our resolution. As we have both been working hard to loose weight for the past month too, we chose to do it more for the fact that we didn't wanna have to join the rush of the crowds at the gym of people who ARE making their resolution to loose weight or work out.  But boy I can tell you this next month is going to end in a lot of days where i can barely walk but since we are doing it as a couple we are gonna push ourselves to finish it!!

    So now to the point of this blog. I want to tell you what my true resolutions are!! I have picked two and both are ones that I am not going to fail within the first few months. Who wants to set a goal they are likely to give up on. It really should be worded to make them feel good all year long as long as they are still TRYING.  A good example would be: Instead of saying eat healthier cuz the next time you pick up a soda or pizza your gonna hate yourself. Say something like "Eat more Veggies". This is something tho you may not ALWAYS eat as much as you should, if you are remembering to eat more in general you are still getting somewhere, and don't feel like you failed so you are more likely to continue to try to eat more veggies.

 My Resolutions:

1. Be more Positive: I tend to let the little things make me upset. And than once I am upset I get so negative it probably just turns people away. I plan to look for the good in everything, and do what is best for my family. Stop worrying about what makes others happy.  Also not  get wrapped up in any drama or things I have no control of...I hope that this Resolution will allow me to have a LOT less stress in my life this coming year.

2. Get our finance straight: Now not to say we are always broke but boy would it feel nice to have a bigger savings to be sitting on and not have to worry about if we can afford something we want. We have 2 things we owe money on and I would like to get them all but paid off so that the money we are paying towards them each month can be going into our savings instead. Specially since we live here in Europe I would love to use some of the extra money to travel while we have the chance.

So I feel that both of my Resolutions are easy to achieve throughout the next year. Hopefully you will be able to follow/notice my progress as you follow my blogs. I know I will be using this as a place to talk about how we are doing with our goals. Also have decided the main direction I am going to go with this blog and hopefully starting this new year you will all like it and continue to follow me :)

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!!! So what are your New Years Resolutions?

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