Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wrapping up Memories


      Well it is finally close enough to Christmas that I decided it was time to wrap the presents so we could have them under the tree to look at until Christmas. We don't have a ton because we decided to keep it simple as we don't need to have 100's of toys around the house, I think only having a few here and there helps her stimulate her imagination and learn to play more creatively. And we always limit our gift giving to each other to only 3 items, and than stocking stuffers!

     If you have had a chance to look around you will see there are so many cute and creative ways to wrap presents!!! We keep it simple with just paper, pre-made bows, and some ribbon here and there! I kind of figure it is all going to get ripped up and thrown away so whats the point of using more expensive wrapping? It does sure look nice tho.

I am obsessed with this paper!!

Big box little bow!

      I think the process of wrapping the gifts at least for us is almost more fun than unwrapping, we always sit on the floor together and watch a show together as we wrap presents.  And last night it certainly ended up in a Kong fu fight with the empty wrapper tubes!! We are such Children. And I love sitting around together getting excited about how Kyra is gonna get for each gift as she opens them!!

     But for those of you are interested in wrapping gifts more creatively here are some great examples of how to make your Presents look super fancy!

I love the wood paper!!!

Burlap and twine! My cousin Jaimee should do this it matches her tree!!!

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  1. CUTE! I absolutely LOVE wrapping presents. Titus hates it, so I get to do all of it! And I do love the burlap and twine idea. I used (hemp) twine to tie some of our presents, instead of ribbon, but burlap is NOT CHEAP! hahaha. Still, cute.