Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Families First Day here!!

       So after much delay at the airport with complications from wrong seats on the plane, and issues with using their debit cards out of country (forgot to tell the bank he was traveling), and than having complications with getting a rental car. My dad and brother finally made it to Wiesbaden, and Kyra and I excitedly made our way over to the bahnhof to pick them up!

      We were able to enjoy a trip to Brauhaus Kastel and have some really good German food and Beir. I think everyone really enjoyed their meals. Although the left overs are now being devoured by the birds. As the white box got left on top of the car, and was soon sent flying into the sky as we got on to the highway!

    On a super funny side note. On our way back to my house we drove past a random bunch of people along the rode who were dressed in Mariachi(sp) costumes waving at cars. I guess the Mexicans just wanted to make sure that they felt at home.

German baby enjoying her pretzel!

Brotwurst soup?

He even looks like a German!

Shane had schnitzel my favorite!!

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