Monday, March 25, 2013

Let the real traveling begin!!!

       Well we got up and out of bed this morning with a bit of grumbling and feet dragging but sure enough by 10 we were out the door! After loading up in the car and swinging by the px for last min supplies we were on the road. As we were leaving town we turned on the wrong road and had to backtrack a little bit but soon we were headed the right direction.

Cathedral in Strasbourg

Our original plans were to go by way of Trier to Luxembourg and than make our way out to Paris. But doing so with out a GPS didn't go so smoothly. And instead we ended up in Strasbourg where we stopped at a little French restaurant. The waitress wasn't able to really understand what we were saying and so we just all shared the plat du jour, which was spaghetti with some sort of brownish sauce and chicken. I don't know for sure what it was but it was very good!

Restaurant we ate at in Strasbourg
Once we were done eating we realized that at the rate we were going it was going to take too long to try to make our way back up to Luxembourg. So instead we headed straight to Paris. France is a pretty nice country. I am super excited to be here this is a place I have dreamed of visiting for as long as I can remember. But I am coming to find that my high school French was not very useful. Except when it comes to reading things. As I don't know how to speak it well anymore.

Some where along the journey we reached a very empty area that was all country and full of tractors and fields. As distraction from the nothingness, they had some very strange art like objects along the side of the road, some were 2d shapes and others were 3d, very interesting!

Than after what was a very long drive we made it to the outskirts of Paris! This is where not having a GPS became the biggest issue as the app we were using for directions simply said to take the a86 but didn't say which direction, and we ended up going the wrong way. So when we finally got to the hotel, we were all very worn out and grabbed a quick meal at the restaurant next door from the hotel.

Giant Windmill on the way to Paris

Speaking of hotels, man do you get what you pay for. The rooms are very clean, just small, and well you can certainly tell what the neighbors are up to. But that is alright as we only plan to be here during sleeping time anyways. Well off to bed for us, lots to do tomorrow, pictures will be added when we get back home!

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