Sunday, February 10, 2013


    So I came into Insanity thinking after I did Asylum I would be able to go through this like a boss!! But than I was slapped with reality when I came to find out that Insanity is 90% cardio where Asylum is more about toning!! I have to say that I am still really out of shape no matter how much I think I have improved. But the cardio has been awesome to my body I measured myself this week and I like what I saw I have lost:

.75 inch on chest
1.25 on my waist
.5 on my hips
and 1.25 off each thigh

Turns out Cardio does burn off fat!! That is a total of 5 inches in a week. I mean HELLO that is freaking awesome. Just what I needed to kick it back into gear this coming week :D And I am down from 35% Body Fat to 33% according to Army standards :D

Here is a progress picture from End of December to today!! Look at them love handles melt away!!

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