Thursday, December 31, 2015

KonMarie Declutter series: My clothes

Okay this was the hardest section to get done!! I needed to wash all my clothes and have them in one place. So after weeks of washing and rewashing I finally all my clothes in one place!!! And it was a shock to see how much I really own!! And I only wear a small portion of it. Well I wore some just because they were clean and comfy but they didn't even fit. So here is where we began!!!

Yes here was totes of clothes, shelves of clothes, and hangers full of clothes...oh lord and to think I got rid of a bunch before we move here. Idk where all the clothes comes from.

Here is after the first round of pulling out stuff I don't wear, use, or fit into.

Sell stuff

Donate stuff

Keep stuff

Then I hung everything up and did another pull out of stuff that doesn't bring me joy any longer.

Everything I am donating!! 

Everything I am keeping!!!

I also did my underwear drawers, and this one shocked me. I knew I had lots of underwear as it filled two drawers, but seeing them all in one place made me realize it was time to get rid of stuff!!




I feel so good after this Declutter it may seem like I don't have much left, but everything I have I could grab today and wear and be happy in it!!!

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