Friday, January 1, 2016

Topsey Safari in Topsey, Tx

What a cute little exotic animal safari just outside of town!! We had heard good things and thought it would be a fun yet cheap little outing to go on while my mom was here!! They had Emus, deer, goats, Mountain sheep, geese, zebras, camel, buffalo, water buffalo, long horn cattle, and a crazy ostrich.

Kyra was so utterly fascinated by all the animals and that they came right up to the car!! I liked seeing them all and feeding them. It was funny when some of them tried to stick their entire head in the car. Only one I was a little scared of was the Ostrich, it pecked all over the car, and then tried to peck in the car too. But the main thing I was so excited to see was the baby zebra!! 

We ended up having to do a second lap to see the Zebras, but well worth it they are so cute!!!

I never ended up adding pictures and posting this blog so I am doing it now. But I went back again, this time with our friends!! It was just as much fun the second time!! We came during a non feeding time so everyone swarmed our car!! It was awesome and the kids loved it!! That is until we got to the camel. That crazy guy stuck his entire head and neck in our window, stole both whole bags of food and gobbled them down!! And then we thought he had eaten one of Kyra's monkey, but really it had fallen onto the floor during the whole fiasco, so disaster was averted. But needless to say he freaked us all out and we drove quickly out of the safari windows up from there. But looking back it was pretty hilarious!!

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