Sunday, January 24, 2016

KonMarie Declutter series: Makeup

Finally I have gotten a start on the decluttering!! The book starts out by saying start with something you have he least attachment towns work up to things that will be harder together rid of!! For me makeup was easy!! I know I have a lot and years worth of Ipsy bags just added to the madness!! So it was time to get back to only the stuff I use frequently in my collection. It will sure make doing my makeup easier!! So without further ado here is my makeup Declutter!!

Top is all my eyeshadows; bottom right is what I'm keeping, left is going to my niece.

Top is all my face products; bottom left is what I'm keeping, right is going to my niece.

Top is all my lip products; bottom left is going to my niece, right I'm keeping.

Top is all my liners etc...; bottom left I'm keeping, right is going.

I even decluttered makeup bags!! Top is all the bags I had or could find; bottom left is all I'm keeping the rest got filled with makeup and is on its way to Nebraska to my niece!!

Here is everything I'm getting rid of!! Crazy to think that much is gonna be gone, but my makeup drawer is gonna be easier to use, and now has space to try out more new stuff!!

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