Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Random ramblings from a WFHM 2

This week in my long after a move until you are really moved in?

6 months. That's what I say anyways. We just reached the 6 months mark, and I think we are finally in a routine, know where everything should belong, and are starting to do more of the settled in type projects.

I'm pretty sure those first 6 months you spend trying to figure out where everything should go. Maybe you moved in somewhere larger or smaller, either way a new area brings new storage issues. And just trying to really make sure every box has been opened and put away is a long task. I decided I had finally reached the point we are officially moved in this week or so. When I started to do those little tasks here and there that I had pushed to the side because they weren't the meat and gravy of things that needed to be done.

For me that means, decluttering. I do a pre-move Declutter of big things that we don't need to bring with us to our next place. Baby stuff that Darren wasn't gonna need, broken or way to used furniture, clothes in sizes we don't plan on wearing anytime soon etc... So I am so excited that after this weekend of Darren Birthday madness, we will be settling in, decluttering, and possibly having a big garage sale to get rid of things. I really would love to live more minimally and spend less time cleaning up things all the time.

Today I reorganized Dustins closet because I hadn't helped him set it up when we moved in, and for those of you married you probably know what I mean. He is fairly good about keeping things in their place if I put them there to start with. Otherwise things will just end up heaped in piles and he will complain about how little space he has!! Well now he has an army closet and a civilian closet and both are completely in order so hopefully they will remain that way!!

On a completely different note, does anyone have tips on how to get a dog to stop chewing up everything? We have managed to eliminate the chewing of kids toys, but she loves to get into the trash. And destroys anything that gets left in the yard, she is compulsive. And it's making me crazy!! We tried an antler and she devoured that puppy in a day. 

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