Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Catch up days

You probably saw in a previous post that I mentioned doing a catch up day each month. Throughout the month I have created a list of tasks that I want to get done. Everyone has one of these honey-do lists. Little tasks that need to get done, or you want to do for fun sake, but just don't have time to do on a regular day to day basis!!

Well a blogger and YouTuber that I follow, Kayla from Microscope Beauty, mentioned how she was going to tackle this list rather than just adding and adding hoping it will do itself. I found the idea very intriguing and wanted to try it myself this year. So one day a month (I am going to do the first Monday of each month) instead of doing your regular tasks you take the day crossing off as many of the thins off this list!! 

I am really looking forward to doing these days and being able to catch up on things I fall behind on!! And I will continue to blog about them too!! Maybe I'll even get her planner stickers to remind me the day is coming up!!  

Have you ever thought about setting aside a day to finish your honey-do list? 

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