Thursday, January 14, 2016

Random ramblings of a work from home momma!

Let me spouts start this post with saying I am free writing it and I have no clear intentions but to ramble, connect, and maybe come up with ideas for blog content that will be more entertaining for everyone!!

Now that's not saying that my usual posts aren't entertaining, and seeing as there is never an article without well over 20 views, I know someone has found me entertaining enough to come back once in a while. I mean raising to wild gingers is bound to produce some hilarious antics and nights of wild parties in moms bed. 

See proof!! That little guy isn't even 1 yet. My goodness do I have some long years ahead of me. But I wouldn't change it for a second. Just gotta really buckle up, as I know one of them is gonna break a bone before I know it!! 

On another note, I'm not sure if I really mentioned it but I decided it was time to take on school again for another couple semesters!! Yup 6 credit hours is all but that is plenty when dealing. With kids at the same time. The first week is almost over and it hasn't been too painful yet so I may just survive!! I am really most concerned about keeping my photography business flowing. I could just let it set towards the side in order to focus on school, but I just really got the ball rolling and don't wanna loose momentum.

I said a few blogs I was trying to keep up with workouts too, but so far it has been not going well. We all have intentions of keeping up with everything but working out is something I have set on the side burner to not get burnt out. I hate that but I am trying to do a little something one video or so a day just not a full schedule of workouts. It will be alright!! 

Oh another thing I wanted to ask you guys about, do you enjoy the planner posts? I love my planner and can't believe is almost halfway through it, ugh. Maybe if people are liking them I can do a flip through of my spreads from last year? Oh yeah I wanted to ask do any of you guys watch ouryoutube channel!? I know we have been a little absent I think we just have a hard time finding something people like. Maybe I should post my videos onto the blog as more of you read these than watch our vlogs. Who knows!! I really enjoy blogging and looking back over the years!! And hopefully posting things people use, need and wanna read about. Something I was considering doing even tho it would take a little more effort was doing a cook through recipe series. Where I start on page 1 of a cook book and try every recipe with pictures, my results, and a review!! Might be fun...

What about more posts about photography? I used to do blogs about sessions, if you have been around long enough to remember them. I liked the idea but felt like with previews on my Facebook page, I didn't want to be sharing all of my clients pictures so they could have a chance to share some themselves!!

Okay so for my first random rambling I think this is good, if people enjoy this (leave me comments and follow me!!!!) I will be back with more. And I was thinking these would be fun for hilarious stories, and thighs that make me think!!! See y'all back here soon!!! Oh recent pictures for making it this far!!!

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