Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Workout plan for January

As you probably know one of my goals is to maintain an active lifestyle. There are so many ways to do this. But with working part time, school part time, and kids awake most the day, it leaves me with little time to get a good workout in. So that kinda removes any thought of going to an actual gym, or frankly going anywhere to get a workout on. So that narrows down to at home workouts. Which I sincerely love most!!

A couple years back I subscribed to Blogilates and at the time managed to do every days workouts and I have never been in better shape!! Now I am still in fairly good shape from my 12 weeks with Zachary and I have considered doing that work out again. But have decided that doing Blogilates again for all of January would be a great way to get my strength and flexibility back!! If you don't already know Blogilates is a program established by Cassey Ho. She has thousands of videos on YouTube for free and her app has a workout schedule for each day with her easy to follow workout videos to go along!!

I look forward to the next challenge next month, but for now I am off to get my Pilates on!!!

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