Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We all have our insecurities.

When asked what my biggest insecurity was there was a couple that came to mind. I'm very insecure about my weight. But I know that conversation will only start alot of lectures so we'll skip that one for now. So I guess my Biggest Insecurity is being alone. I hate being alone. I have always been really shy when I was younger. I would always be attached to my mom's hip.

Now its kinda transfered to just straight up lonelyness. I dont like being alone in the house. Thats the main reason we have a dog cuz I think without him I would have some major issues....or practically live at one of my friends houses. Also the reason I am always out and hanging out with friends is cuz I feel like I need to be around people. I get very sad and depressed when I am alone for mass amounts of time. I do enjoy some alone time occasionally, but prefer having friends or family around. My biggest fear is to get lost and not have anyone with me or anyway to get ahold of anyone i knew to find my way home. I would hate to be completely alone.

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