Monday, January 10, 2011

You Crazy Daisy!

Since my life has changed a crazy lot in the past couple years im gonna do a present and past picture for today!! The person I used to do the craziest things with was Angie Edwards. We were pro at acting like kids, drinking energy drinks, laughing our asses off, and playing video games. We could make anything fun or funny!!! Sure we were probably immature as hell back than but you couldnt tell us we werent having fun! I miss her and will eternally consider her one of my best friends no matter where life takes us.

The person im most likely to do crazy stuff with is Shawn Adkins. She is such a hoot...Her boys keep her young and we both love to kick back and have a great time!! On any given day that im at her house you'll catch us doing karaoke, Dancing to micheal jackson, jumping in bounce houses like little kids, or taking silly pictures of each other!!! She is a great friend, and always making me laugh I'll miss her when we dont live near by, darn army!

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