Friday, September 28, 2012

Jet lag an insomniacs dream!

 first read this cuz it made me smile!

And she is 100% right I mean it has been 5 days and my probably TRYING to make Kyra get back on schedule is probably what is making her do it more slowly.

Sleep Bestows sleep? Sleep Deprived baby sleeps better at night? Keep close to her schedule naps, and sleeping when she normally would. NOPE nothing helps...frankly this weekend no matter how tired it makes Dustin and I Kyra will be sleeping when she wants to for as long as she wants to and awake when she doesn't wanna be.

New born in our house is just another good form of birth control. Specifically since Kyra was NEVER this bad when she was little she LOVES her sleep. AS DO I!

Oh I just hope things get back to normal on their own soon. Oh look Kyra is almost crawling she would probably have it down if she would let her body get the rest it needs!

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