Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Creature is moving.

             Well the day we have been waiting for has arrived!! It took longer than expected but she decided she was ready and off she went! We even had to rearrange the living room to make cords less accessible to her. And what everyone says about them going mobile as far as they will go for what they shouldn't is so true. It's like all that time when she was laying on the floor looking around she was scoping out all the things in the room that she isn't allowed to play with and goes straight for them as soon as she could. But really it's not a big deal since I am always in the room with her when she is free on the floor. And she can't really crawl on the wood yet it is too slick for beginners so she is kinda trapped on her own on the rug in the living room for now. Although I am sure that too won't last. And we will find new area's that need to be baby proofed but until than I will just enjoy her new found skill!!!

              I realize that most of you if not all of you that read my blog are also friends with me on Facebook so the video I am going to attach to this is old news to you. But that is my job as a mom to BRAG!! So I am gonna attach it again anyways!! So here you have it ladies and gentleman the little creature on the go on Video

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