Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Well this is our first Halloween in Germany, and Kyra's first EVER!! It has been pretty uneventful so far aside from a party or two this weekend. But as for today I dressed Kyra up for pictures for you all to see her costume, but since its pretty cold outside she is going to be wearing her Eeyore costume for trick or treating and we are only gonna go to the like 8 houses on our block plenty for year one. Than my neighbor Cristina and I will sit out front and hand out candy to kids until we run out :) Sounds like a fun evening it only last 2 hours so it should be good.

But here is a few pictures of Kyra in her costume, and our carved pumpkins!!!

And for an update on what we have been up to the only real exciting thing we have done this month is we went and experienced picking apples from an orchard on a perfect fall day!! Kyra had a good time and has been devour them :) Here are a few pictures from that trip also.

And just to make this post even more random I shall post another super easy recipe!!! Sorry this is about how organized I am in every aspect of my life lol. My mind goes in like 500 directions at a time.

3 Ingredient Brownies

1 cup Nutella
10 tbsps flour
2 eggs

Mix together and pour into 6 cupcakes, or into a small square pan. Bake at 350 for 30 mins. 

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