Monday, October 8, 2012

Ich Liebe Germany

I am so excited because it is fall time. I know to most people that isn't all that exciting but after spending the 3 last falls in Hawaii the state that doesn't really have seasons. So the little crispness in the air and the amazing colors that the trees are changing to are a great change for us!!! It actually feels like it is almost Halloween and holidays are around the corner!! Along with the beautiful weather comes beautiful pictures :)

I was honored to take pictures of my neighbors ADORABLE daughter Lilia!! She just turned one and was a great little model!!! I am no professional but had a great time working on my photo taking skills!! Although it was a bit chilly so we made it a quick photo-shoot!! Here are a couple of my favorites from the day!

She was a fantastic little model and I was glad to give her mommy some new pictures of her to print off!!! Hopefully the next time I go take pictures will be of their whole family!

Also in the spirit of the season we of course got Kyra's 6 month pictures taken and they are very much fall themed also!! Here are the ones we have gotten back so far!! Thanks so much to Ashley Berry who has been the worlds greatest photographer for us!!!

I will post more once we get them!! As there are some really cute family pictures also!! So stayed tuned for those in the next day or two!

Today we got out went downtown and walked around but after not too long decided it was a bit chilly and we weren't exactly dressed appropriately and chose to go for a little drive before we headed home to clean. Here are a couple pictures from our day...

The colors were a lot prettier than I was able to capture in motion.

And now for the video you have all been waiting for. The magnificent Kyra crawling on wood floors....Guess who is gonna be spending a lot more time chasing a small child around. This Girl. But I don't mind I am just so proud of her and her accomplishments!! And next without a doubt is gonna be pulling herself up to things. I give it a month before she has that one down!!

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