Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pinterest crafts

          So as most of you know and are fairly familiar with Pinterest has become an addiction that many women around the world can't seem to tear themselves from. This site has things from crafts, to recipes, to cleaning tricks and beyond. There really is something for anyone who cares to look. I tend to find myself on this site more often than even Facebook anymore. Although a lot of the time I tend to just pin and pin and pin and never get the ambition to do any of the crafts there are a couple I have tried...

           The first one was the cleaning chart. Although I don't have a picture of this, it is pretty simple to describe. Basically it is a schedule of things to do each day to keep your house clean. The tasks may seem like such mundane things but done daily you can really keep a tidy home. It also includes a daily task to help pick up the slack around the edges. I have this posted on the pin board in the Kitchen and it really has helped to keep the mess down a bit. Tho I probably should admit I am not and never have been a very organized person. (this i fear I will pass on to my children) So keeping my house clean takes much more than merely sweeping and wiping counters lol. So Sunday's I still tend to find myself doing most the cleaning.

           The second craft that I attempted was Kyra's door sign. Posted all over this site is the suggestion that if you buy either a canvas or a mirror all you need is a little paint and stickers to make this master piece. The basic Directions were to 1. Pick quote, word, or shapes you would like to have on your piece. 2. place these stickers appropriately and than paint over them. 3. Once the paint dries all you have to do is peel off the stickers and VOILA you have a beautiful new sign. It seems really simple and in a way should be. But the problem I encountered was my stickers must not have been sticky enough because unfortunately the paint bled under them a bit and made what should be sharp stars into messy blobs. Which caused more work as I sat with Nail polish remover and q tips trying to regain their shape. Also writing her name was far from working it too bled but was not fixable, and so I had to write it by hand and it certainly didn't turn out as pretty as I was hoping it would. But over all I love the design I made and the effect of the reflective mirror in contrast to the matte pink really is pretty!

What do you think?

And finally the most recent craft I have done from Pinterest is the Menu board!!! It was such a pretty idea, and will be so helpful once I get all the recipe cards written out!!! (haha I should be working on that vs, blogging) But anyways, It was a major up-cycle project that was just as easy as it looked. The originals were done on wood or metal but being craft....well maybe CHEAP haha I chose to use the lid of a pizza box. Follow this link to the original directions if you are interested in doing this project: She has great step by step directions. I did change the clothes pins to giant paper clips as it was all I had on hand. And it will work just the same. Here is my final project (semi final I should say)

What do you think of this one?

Well with the coming month finally be December I am very eager to start doing more and more things with Christmas :) It has always been my favorite Holiday and now that I have a baby to share all the exciting things that the holiday's bring I want it to be even more special!! So I think I will be doing a daily blog with Christmas activities, crafts, recipes, or just simply pictures of what is going on around our house!! You can only imagine the exciting fun things you will be seeing!!  I hope maybe I'll be able to get more people interested in ready my blog...Maybe a new year resolution? Organize the blog? Hmmm....would be cool to have more people interested in what I say :) Any suggestions or thoughts on the crafts I did, and or things to do in the future are encouraged!!!

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