Friday, November 23, 2012

Love thine self before others can love you

              Upon having a rough day the other day, I was thinking about how true it really is that you can't rely on others to provide your happiness you have to go out and find it yourselves. This being said you also can't expect others to love you until you love yourself, and if you aren't happy you aren't truly in love with your self (in a non big headed cocky way). This being said I took the time to sit down and think of ways to make oneself happy on your own. I thought up 103 ways!! Some are kind of repeats or more specific of others, and some are more specific to myself but none the less. So in no particular order here is my list:
  1. Meditate
  2. Dance
  3. Sing
  4. Draw
  5. Journal
  6. Yoga
  7. Workout
  8. Paint
  9. Scrapbook
  10. Read
  11. Run
  12. Walk
  13. Cook
  14. Learn and instrument
  15. Sleep
  16. Write
  17. Play Solitare
  18. Volunteer
  19. Clean
  20. Organize
  21. Start a Buisness
  22. Train for an event
  23. Crafts
  24. Decorate
  25. Upcycling
  26. Play Dress up
  27. Practice your hair
  28. Do your makeup
  29. Become a wine conisuer (sp)
  30. Travel
  31. Learn a new skill
  32. Learn a new language
  33. Study other Cultures
  34. Take pictures
  35. Start a garden
  36. Plant flowers
  37. Write a life story
  38. Write a child's book
  39. Illustrate a child's book
  40. Learn to draw animals
  41. Learn to paint with water colors
  42. Deep clean your house
  43. Make an area in your house that is just your own
  44. Drink tea
  45. Day dream
  46. Pedicure
  47. Manicure
  48. Facial
  49. Get a massage
  50. Rearrange your house
  51. Get a job
  52. Remove all debt
  53. Learn Ballroom dance
  54. Write paper letters to friends
  55. Compliment others
  56. Acknowledge your flaws and move on
  57. Get fit
  58. Donate
  59. Teach others
  60. Whiten teeth
  61. Get dressed up and take pictures of yourself
  62. Write down your darkest secrets, and fears and burn them(be better than them)
  63. Forgive and Forget
  64. Pray
  65. Climb your tallest mountian
  66. Make ammends
  67. Read the Bible
  68. Take naps
  69. Be alone
  70. Bake sweets
  71. Fix things
  72. Geocache
  73. Put your feet up
  74. Breathe
  75. Walk away from your anger
  76. Make a collage
  77. Finger paint
  78. Try to copy an artists work
  79. Bike Ride
  80. Roller skate
  81. Shoot Hoops
  82. Eat Ice Cream
  83. Write yourself encouraging notes
  84. Play computer games
  85. Play video games
  86. Build something from scratch
  87. Write down your great qualities and keep it near by at all times
  88. Join support groups
  89. Be present 
  90. Be positive
  91. Color with Crayons
  92. Jump on the tramp
  93. Climb a tree
  94. Sell your old things
  95. Work at a soup kitchen
  96. Win the Lottery
  97. Call your mom
  98. Make-up Jokes
  99. Clean your sheets
  100. Be in another world
  101. Cry
  102. Laugh
  103. Just Be
Just over all know that you are loved if by no one else you are loved by yourself. And if you work on finding the little things in your life that make you happy you will only be happier everyday!! And when you are happier you are more confident and more able to help people on their journey to self acceptance. Take the time to take care of yourself before others. You are the only you you have! 

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