Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New 30 day challenge :)

So if you have followed me at all or had a chance to go back and read I kinda really like the 30 day challenges, mostly because it gives me a prompt to think about and write about. Uh it also really gives you guys some different ways to get to know me. So everyday for the next 30 days I'm going to be doing a 30 day Blog challenge from this website I found. Basically its a topic that I draw and than I'll kinda explain it to you! I think I mentioned this challenge a long time ago, but feel like with all this time on my hands now is a good time to start it.Yup and of course I'll add any important updates about what is going on here in our life too!!

Has been pretty much just day to day tasks lately so that's why I haven't written much. Tomorrow is our 38 weeks OB appointment, maybe we'll have some progress to report back with. So far she is just chilling haha she is in NO rush to come out yet. Have had the normal BH contractions but not all that many. I know I know she will come when she is ready!!! Um good news tho, our unaccompanied stuff is here in Germany!!! I am super excited mostly because that means all her baby stuff is here :) hurray!!! So Friday morning they will be delivering that to us!

Well onto Day 1 of 30!! The prompt for today is: Yourself. Uh so this is my drawing of myself, doesnt really look like me and the eyes aren't even lol.

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