Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ranting my ass off.

I have come to the conclusion that no one really reads this Blog anyways, unless I send it to them everyday. So who cares, I'm gonna get on here and really bitch.

So all though there are some cool things about Germany, so far I HATE IT. There is a list of reason I hate it.

1. The Germans are rude. Well don't get me wrong there is surely some that aren't but so far we haven't had all that much luck. Dustin stopped to hold the door open at the dept. store which would be NORMAL in America, and he stood there for like 3 mins with people coming and going and not a single person said Thank you. Also they don't say excuse me and think only of themselves pushing forward in lines, not watching who was there first.

2. The Germans have STUPID copyright laws. You can't get on Youtube and watch like anything because nothing is available in Germany. I think the Army should be required to make it so we all have American internet access so that we don't have to be limited to a countries regulations that we don't work for. These copyright laws extend to HULU, and Netflix also. So unless we pay for AFN (armed forces network) we have no access to TV. And AFN doesn't even offer much their channels are a mixed up mess of random shows playing whenever they feel like it. Call me spoiled but I miss at least having access to things.

3. I also dislike our German appliances. For some dumb reason the Americans put them in our house. It takes 3 hours for the dishwasher to run a load of dishes, so we just do them by hand. And takes almost equally long to run the dryer also. Don't plan on just throwing the clothes in the dryer before you go out cuz you'll never get done.

4. 90% of anything on the German economy requires you pay cash. I can't imagine for what reason this country is sooo far behind in technology that they don't have credit card machines. It is such a pain in the arse to have to carry cash on you all the time in order to buy anything, or walk around town til you find a bank. I seriously thought that the world or at least 1st world countries were up to date on the times.

I feel like as American's who are just assigned to live here we should be provided better sources in an attempt to make things feel more like what we are used to in America. Instead we have to deal with Ration cards and can only buy small amount of certain things, also they don't stock our px or other little stores all that well so we are left to go spend money on the economy to try and find things we need. Really Germany is pretty, but not somewhere to live if you want to do anything other than be on facebook all day. UGH!


  1. ahh that really stinks!! i would be totally lost with out tv and internet LOL here sooon you wont have time to worry about tv! cant wait to see the baby pics and post!

  2. I read this blog! Not everyday.. but I try to as often as I can. Andrea

  3. hey now some of us read it... however i have to search for a link lol i dont know how to find it otherwise. wish you were here or in america! germany will get beter tho! expecially since my lil princess neice will be there soon!!!!! so super excited! ~tamara nicole