Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 2 Favorite Animal

Always have so much time on my hands everyday, this house is definitely being kept far cleaner than our other house did, well that and we have a lot less stuff here still. But I think it's my nesting thing. I'll probably organize and reorganize her bedroom like 20 times this weekend. Really need a broom cuz than I could sweep too lol.

Well today was the Dr. and honestly not a TON has changed. Right now all there is to report is since her 36 weeks appt. she has gained a little less than a lb. and only a few cm. She is still my active little bean, but only in the evening time. She was causing trouble during monitoring yet again today by refusing to wake up and stay awake silly little girl. She should be coming soon, and I really just need to keep myself busy cuz thinking about it and worrying is only gonna make me crazy.

Dustin and I per Dr. orders (to walk walk walk) went on another adventure around a different section of neighborhood near by. Who knew that down any given street you would find such cool stuff. I love this place and can't wait til spring and we can push Kyra around and go look at everything without getting so chilled. In an attempt to bring spring into our house we stopped at this quaint little flower shop and bought some orange flowers and a cute gold pot to put on the table to warm it up in our house a little bit!!! First time from buying from a little family owned German place, the lady was super sweet and even put plastic wrap and a bow around it!!

Now on to my day 2 of the challenge: I drew a dolphin because they have always been my favorite!!! Well that and horses. Neither of which I can draw very well. I always wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger, until I found out that is like 8 years of college. :O

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