Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend again

Awwww......we survived the week!!! And intend to spend the weekend laying around being lazy, undisturbed!!!

The hospital visit went really well. Dustin was able to get off work to go with me and we both LOVED the place. It is very relaxing and comforting :) I feel like I am going to be treated more like a human than I would have been in a Military hospital. Maybe that has to do with the way my OB here treats me too? He has been so friendly, personal, and helpful. He explains EVERYTHING he is doing. Explained all the lab results in detail, explained what to expect, what to do etc.... So as far as medically and Kyra everything is going great, just the great waiting game as the final countdown continues.

Our cute bathroom.

The living room side.

Our Kitchen and Dining area.

We moved into our house Wednesday and we are in love. It is really big and right now VERY empty....I thought I had prepared ahead of time for that fact but I catch myself sitting in her room wishing I had mailed myself more stuff. Luckily there are some really great girls out here who are going to help fill the room up with stuff they don't need for their newborns :) And we only have to make it through a month, than her stuff will all get here!!! We are getting so excited for the new addition to our family tho :)

And mom gets here the day after her due date so hopefully she'll be here and ready to meet grandma!!! The Dr says that Kyra is already 20 inches long and weights in at about 6 pounds 20 ounces. And after being on the monitor for about 30 min on Thursday they think with the amount of contractions they are picking up, she should be arriving in the next couple weeks ;) although I am only .5 cm dilated...

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