Monday, February 27, 2012

Beginning of busy week

Awww so things are starting to fall in place. This week is going to be crazy busy, with trying to figure out all the baby stuff, to moving into our big beautiful 3 bedroom apartment!!! I am so excited about both things.

Tomorrow we go on a tour of the Hospital we are going to be giving birth in, and get to see all the things that will be available to us, and hopefully preregister so that everything is ready to go by the time I go into labor.

Than Wednesday we get the key to our new house, and the rental furniture will be delivered. Than we'll have to catch the shuttle around and try to get together all the basic stuff that we will need to be able to live there, like blankets, and curtains and cooking stuff. But those will all be really fun things to me cuz I love to decorate new houses!!! Though it would be really cool if our stuff was going to be here soon, unfortunately that is not the case, but we will make due :)

Than on Thursday I get to go back to my awesome Dr, see how all my lab work came back, and also see if there has been any other progress. Can't wait for Kyra to get here, but not trying to rush it tho either. Trying my hardest to just enjoy my time with Dustin while we can. Even tho its kind of a whirl wind of things going on all at once. I'm hoping getting moved into the house will slow things down a little bit before my mom gets here!!

Well that is all for now, trying really hard to keep my posts from going crazy and all over the place, not that anyone really reads them. I don't know when I'll post again, probably not until after we move into the house and have the internet and phone set up.


  1. Sounds too busy, hope it all goes well!

  2. I can't wait to see you and your new house!! Seeing you guys and a new granddaughter are more exciting than visiting a country I have never been too. Hang in there and please enjoy your last days as a twosome. It will be a while before Kyra is all you think about. Love you. Mom