Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well we are here. Actually we have been for a few days, just haven't had the chance to sit down and think about what I wanted to say...Haha well I've had the time, just don't know what to say. There is sooo much going on in my mind that its a bit of an overload to put it all on to a Blog. But I figured I better seeing as I keep telling my family to read it.

I'm sure your understanding tho seeing as I am 8 months pregnant and you know how stressful this move has been, it is certainly difficult to put all my thoughts straight. And since the night in Baltimore that both Dustin and I were really sick, I haven't been feeling myself. Never really have an appetite for anything, and can only eat small portions of anything before feeling sick again.

Well after the essentially 4 days of traveling to get from Hawaii to Germany, we finally made it to Ramstien, Germany. But since we were on a 2 hour delay we kind of rushed to get back to Wiesbaden so that we could get into the hotel and relax. I was exhausted, I don't sleep on planes.

The Military Hotel was full so we got sent out on the economy, and are having to pay out of pocket for our hotel room. But not to sound completely negative I will say that our room is pretty nice, and it comes with free breakfast...

The Room is very girly!! But I like it :) haha It has given me some good ideas for our house. I can't wait to get housing here :) and intend to make Dustin help me paint some of the rooms since they allow it.

Well now that we are here, the in processing begins I was going to go with him today but was up sick again last night so decided to take what sleep I could and stay at the hotel. Which left me with a strange opportunity to have breakfast with an entire Foosball (soccer) team. I certainly look forward to going to some games, and maybe Kyra will want to play what better place to learn than Europe?

Well speaking of Kyra today is week 36, and looks like we made it here on time. Was really worried. Being this far along is VERY uncomfortable and there isn't much you can do about it. Would love for her to come any day, but would love to have a house for her. Can't wait to hold her in my arms and see her beautiful face. Plus mom is coming out to visit us in only 4 weeks!!! Lots going on here. maybe next time I'm on i'll be feeling better and things will be more organized. That's all I have for today.

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