Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Keeping really busy

Wow over a week down, Tuesday has already came and went!!!

I have been trying to keep myself very busy and its amazing how well that keeps your mind off of things. I want people to know that although I seem to be strong that is not because I have no emotions nor im not hurting cuz I do but I realize that there is no point in getting myself worked up cuz he's still gonna be gone. And he is gone for a good reason so you just gotta suck it up and go.

So I had made a budget with Dustin before he left, we forgot to calculate in his Care packages so I ended up spending quite a bit and havent even paid for postage yet...Should be interesting thats for sure...I hope he can accept my apology cuz next pay check I wont be spend Near as much.

Well the 4th of July is quite a shindig here on post, with games, food, entertainment, drawings, and plenty of sun to go around. Prices ran a little high tho so I decided not to stick around too much. Than a group of us headed over to Wainae to Celebrate and bbq!! Fun was had by all tho the firework show wasnt very impressive.

Than Monday my life got a little bit more entertaining to say the least. I was on my way to pick up my brother in law and his wife from the airport. And on my way to my car my neighbors dog decided it wanted to see how I tasted. Ripped my shorts, punctured my leg in 2 spots and left one helluva bruise around it. So I have spent my fair share of time at the ACC and with the Mp's getting the report filed. Has kept me on my toes all day.

Also got Pedicures with my friends today which was by far what I needed been a stressful week already and its only tuesday. Oh and Huck has Roll over down good now :D

I miss Dustin cant wait til he has better internet and can talk to me fore more than 20 mins should be soon!!!



  1. darn dog should have bit him back lol JK JK. so hows daniel and his wife liking Hi?

  2. They seem to be in love with it!! Idk if he is gonna be able to get her to go home.