Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sorry its been so long

I hardly remembered that I had started this Blog. Im sorry for those of you who were following me. I have been pretty busy and just getting into the Battle rattle of deployment. Schedule helps make the days pass and when that fails well I just take a nap and there goes a good chuck of the day!!

Been trying to get in good shape and working out also keeps my mind off things. Besides who doesnt want a good adrinaline rush from getting your blood pumping, nothing better than feel goods going through your veins!! I entitailly had started all this working out as part of a weight loss challenge but now its more of a stress relief cuz I love my body and im tired of being insecure and always trying to change myself.

So we are already over a month into this deployment and its great knowing that time really is actually passing not standing still like you think it will. Im learning to love the Army and the epic adventures that are brought to us by the different places we are given a chance to live!! And im glad that I have started to get this attitude because from my last discussion with my Hubs we have a long journey ahead of us!!! And I'm so excited to be on this adventure with him.

Well hope this post comes with some sort of relief to at least know im still alive!! Ill try to write more again soon!!

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  1. Sabrina, you are meant to be a career Army wife!! I could tell from the first time I met you that you have the heart, patience, and strength for it. Some people just aren't meant for it, but you will do great!! Good luck in wherever the Army leads you :)