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      About me? What is there to know about me? Well we could start a the very beginning and say I was a healthy little baby born in Colorado and continue from there. But really I think the person I am today is mostly because of the great foundations my parents made for me and my siblings. I think who we become relies strongly on how we were raised. Not to say that we don't make our own choices and learn as we go. We clearly do or all siblings would end up the exact same person.

   If you have ever met my siblings you can see we have all become entirely different people on our journeys through life. Okay maybe not as different as it may seem. None of us are the next big rising star, or some phenomenal athlete, or bums living on the street. So maybe from the strangers eye we are all the product of our parents. If you didn't know us you would see 4 now adults who are self reliant, mature and quickly growing up and settling down into amazing lives. What you don't see is what makes us so different.

   And maybe that is truly how you can know...what to put on your About me page. Maybe it should really be all about what makes me DIFFERENT. What makes me unique, and the person people who are close to me get to know. I would love to write all the things I want to be, but that isn't being very truthful.

     So who am I? I am a mom, a not all that phenomenal artist who loves to just do little things for myself and friends, I am a self proclaimed foody (I love to eat and eat, sure makes dieting hard) but not only the eating part I love to cook and try new recipes!! I am LAZY. I mean really lazy if my house would clean itself and I could stay skinny by sitting around I would never move from the couch. With the help of my husband I have become even more of a slob, haha yes I don't keep an extremely tidy home. Now don't get me wrong I would love to have that organized perfectly pulled together home, but that isn't really me. There will always be area's of my house with clutter even after spending days cleaning that is just how it is. I have a terrible sense of decoration, i don't feel like anything in my house makes sense. Either my biggest down fall or maybe its a strength is I am a very sensitive person. I let things get to me, I take a lot of things personally even if it wasn't meant that way, and tend to get my fillings hurt. But I also like to think that I am a person people can come to and I will try to help them through what they are going through. People may not know that about me. I even have a heart on my forearm indicating that I wear my heart on my sleeve.

     But the one thing that has defined me and made me different from the heard is my sense of adventure. I love to pick up each day and go out and see something new. It has led me amazing places. I married the man I love because he has that same instinct. My Favorite quote is: "My favorite thing is to go where I have not been". I think that travel makes you far more wise than any book or class could tell you. Going out and experiencing cultures and how other people live makes you a more whole person. It gives you more perspective and empathy for what people are experiencing. In my mind it makes you a more whole person. I have been blessed with our journey since we have gotten married and we are teaching Kyra so much about life now too.

   So I think that answers the question of who I am. I am not just a brunette, with blue eyes, and a wacky sense of style who is trying to fit in. NO I am so many things that can't even be imagined. I am the upbringing of experiences and lessons learned. I am Sabrina Louise Johannes.

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