Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kyra first 2 months.

A friend of mine does these little profiles of her son on Facebook and I think it is the cutest thing so I am going to do them on here for you all :)

Nicknames: Bug, Baby girl, Sweet-pea, Booga, Hunny.

Clothing Size: 0-3 months. She was born too big for any of her newborn clothes :(

Personality: The first month she pretty much slept through. She was a pretty calm little girl and just loved to be cuddled up. She slept in the bassinet in the room with us. Than in month two she moved into her crib in her room and has been doing great since. She wasn't a fan of tummy time at this time.

Things I could do without: Explosive poops every hour. Boy did we go through a lot of outfits. And you waking up ever 3 hours at night, that was so tiring.

Item/Toy WE love the most: Pacifier. Back than she used to take it and it was like magic.

Item/Toy YOU love the mos: Boppy lounger, and the turtle on your car seat.

Things I love most right now: Cuddling and loving on you. Watching your dad take care of you and when the two of you fall asleep on the couch together :)

Things you love most right now: Bath-time, or anytime that both mom and dad are talking and playing with you :)

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