Monday, June 2, 2014

6 months into 2014

Hey EVERYONE!!!! Did you miss me? I know my last blog was over a month ago, and you probably thought we died mid-flight, but rest assured we made it both to USA and back to Germany safe and sound, and Kyra was a champ both ways and LOVE LOVE LOVED her goody bags!! Well I hope you guys are glad to see me back on here because boy oh boy does taking a month off leave you a ways behind I seriously have like 9 blogs to write and post for you guys! One of course to include lots of awesome pictures from our annual trip home!! But first, can you believe it is already JUNE? I know its incredibly difficult to believe, that half the year is over and we survived!! Okay almost half the year I realize I normally write this at the end of June but thought now was as good of time as any for  an update, and specifically since a lot has been accomplished since March!!
Read 12 books: Well I have officially finished reading 7 books and have 2 more waiting to be read!! I love reading and am glad I made this goal so I don't put my books on the back burner!! I think a book a month was a wonderful goal!! Keep an eye out soon a new book review will be on its way to you!!
Blog twice a week: Well with vacation and frankly our life being busy as ever, this one slipped as it generally does a couple times a year!! I don't know where I am on the goal of 104 blogs this year, but I am sure as I love to write to you guys and I have a fun series in mind coming up that I will still reach this goal before the year is over!!

Life as a 2 year old:  So on my last check in I changed my goal to a photo a day of Kyra while she was two and OBVIOUSLY I didn't stick to that one either. But I do take tons of photos almost every day and feel like I document her life amazingly!! So I shouldn't try to force creativity!! Next year I am gonna go back to a 52 week challenge!! It turns out I liked having the themes to work from each week!
Read and finish the respect dare This resolution thus far is still just sitting on the back burner I intend to do it but haven't had the chance to get around to it yet.

Run 2 5ks: So I ran 2 miles non-stop that was a major accomplishment than I ran 1 mile while I was in Colorado and couldn't breathe for a week from the cold air and altitude. And since than have NOT been doing great in this aspect...But, I am back at the gym who knows where that shall lead!!

Get out of debt: All I can say is mission accomplished!! This was the first goal of the year that we got done!! Now all of our income only goes to bills and savings!! And well of course a little spending ;D but knowing we are in the positive when our paycheck comes in is very comforting :D

Get organized and declutter: I have made a pretty awesome dent in this, but only in my kitchen I have managed to get rid of some stuff and also keep it organized and clean....may not sound like much but one whole room pretty much permanently decluttered is GREAT!!

Maintain my 4.0 gpa Well I am taking the summer off from school due to a busy summer full of plans so I don't have anything to go towards this right now, however I ended up doing great in Photography and so far this year I still have a 4.0 :D Can't wait to start another class, that is after I get back into a routine as far as housework, gym, work, and Kyra, aka....Fall time LOL!

Do 24 photo-shootsWell this goal is the second one I have accomplished!! 24 shoots before June!! That is awesome and I have all my amazing friends and family to thank!! Everyone has been so supportive and I am so very excited to keep working with my wonderful clients!! And to make a ton more when I move to Colorado!!

Go on 3 trips: Another goal that is DONE!! We have been doing lots of traveling this year including the trip home!! Also have a huge trip coming up in a couple weeks that I am overly excited about!! Prague!! There will be lots of pictures don't you worry!! My travelers heart is so fulfilled here in Europe!!

Reach 145 Meh, this goal I think is gonna get the boot, I am tired of hating myself for not dropping pounds like I want to, and vacation was awful to me. So that goal is far out of reach!! And I am finally okay with that, just as long as I can look at myself and be happy with what I see.
Get pregnant This is still in the works....

So yeah a lot of my goals have been reached a couple are gone, but that is okay!! I had a lot on the list to start the year out and it feels good knowing most will be reached by the end of the year and that is enough for me!!

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