Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Potty Training Chronicles: The Boys turn.

Oh yes the long awaited potty training journey continues. Only this time it with Darren. He is starting much older than his sister did. Partially because if you read the blogs about our journey with her you will see we started too early, but also partially because I didn't want to. I told myself he wasn't ready, or we are moving around too much etc...But here we are finally settling into our new home, and final home for the foreseeable future. There is no more excuses. He has to start sometime, and I would be THRILLED if we got this done before he turns 3, which is just around the corner.

So let the torture begin.

We are only on day 3 as I write this blog. It feels like we have been doing it for a month already. It is seriously such a pain, those people who wrote the books about being potty trained in 3 days must be the best ever. I swear my kid spends the vast majority of his day propped up on his potty chair. He has the holding his pee power of a super human. Then the second you are not paying attention to him for even a moment, he goes in another room and pees. WHAT IS THIS???

We have tried naked, underwear, outside. I have yet to see him actually pee. Only when he is alone and being sneaky. Haha we have a long journey ahead of us I can tell he won't be the potty training prodigy.

Yesterday, he found the candy I didn't know he knew where it was. And when I went up stairs to reply to an email really quick came down to him in the corner most the m&m's gone and he had peed himself. I don't get it, this job is seriously to torture parents. I should really just be teaching him how to change his own diaper, and he can wear them as long as he likes!!! He will eventually not want to!

On a cool note he stayed dry for nap yesterday, and over night today! So I know he can!!! Just to get him to figure out that it is okay to pee on the potty!!! Come on potty training faeries make this happen!!!

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