Thursday, June 14, 2018

My Curly Girl Journey

Hey Everyone!!!

I haven't written on my blog in forever, I always have good intentions but life is busy and this gets put to the back burner, which really a shame because every post no matter how sporadic gets tons of views!!

But anyways here I am because I have been getting a ton of interest from other people over how my hair looks so healthy and my waves are so much more defined, so I am here to explain Curly Girl Method to the best of my ability!!

Curly Girl Method is a method of caring for your hair (usually for curly girls, but can be used by other people). It is as simple as cutting shampoo out of your regimen, and can be as complex from there as you choose to make it. For me I like low maintenance so my routine is very minimal. Others really like definition and their routine can take hours it just depends on your hair type and what you are expecting your hair to look like afterwards.

Here is a Link to a Curly Girl Page:

It goes way more into detail, but there is also a Curly Girl Facebook Page which makes its much easier as they have a list of products that are safe to use:

My before Hair!

As Far as What I Do!!

When I first started it is advised to do a final wash, they have suggested products for this, I chose to go with Baby Shampoo as I had it on hand. This helps get out any build up from products you had used previously.

Next I looked through their albums for what type of hair I have. I have Type 2 Wavy hair. This allows you to understand your hair texture more. But having your hair on your head your whole life you probably have an idea of if you have dry hair, greasy hair etc. I have very fluffy dry hair.

Then I went through their albums to find a conditioner that was fitting. I went with something very lightweight Whole Blends Papaya and Milk. I chose the lightweight because to me it was a good starter conditioner that would work for both co-washing and conditioning until I could see what my hair needs more of.

I have so far chosen to just continue using this product. I have very thick hair and this doesn't weigh me down. I am thinking about adding a bit thicker conditioner when cold weather comes back around to keep it from drying out.

I occasionally use a Mousse from the approved list as well.

My Routine:

I wash my hair with the conditioner like I usually would have with shampoo. I hear this question the most (doesn't it make your hair greasy?) and no it doesn't because as long as you rinse it out of your roots well it doesn't cause any problem. Conditioner is still a cleanser.

Then I apply more conditioner to the bottom half of my hair and let it sit for a few mins. When I am about to get out of the shower I flip my head upside down and rinse about 70% out I do this while scrunching (this and the remaining steps are really only for curly girls).

I leave my head upside down and continue to scrunch as much water out of my hair as I can. Then if I am going to apply the Mousse I do so while my hair is still wet.

I get out and dry my body off with a towel ***NO TOWELS FOR CURLY HAIR** then I take a t-shirt (one of my husbands) Lay it on the bed with the collar closest to me. I then Plop my curls down on top of it so they are all scrunched up. I use the sleeves of the tshirt to tie it around the back of my head and then tuck the body of the shirt into the part around my head.

I leave my hair up in this while I finish getting ready, or a while longer if I don't have plans. When its mostly dry I let it down, help it settle where I like it. And I am done!!

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My hair today on second day hair!

The Main Rules:

1. NO POO (shampoo)
2. Conditioners that are approved. (easy list on the facebook group I shared ^^)
3. Only comb with a WIDE comb in the shower while conditioner is applied, other wise NO BRUSHES OR COMBS!
4. Approved Styling products only. (using ones with sulfates, or drying alcohols will just make your hair build up and damaged and you will have to start over with a cleanser)

Even after a day at the beach my hair is happy to keep its curls!

 It may seem complicated but really it isn't and my hair is getting thicker, stronger, smoother, just over all healthier and I use cheaper products now, and only difference really is not using Shampoo.

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