Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fun with friends

Yesterday was a great day for Kyra and Mommy!! We had started the day with only the plan to go grocery shopping and than come home and sit around the house, with a side of swimming pool time! Well not too long after that we were invited to go to a petting zoo here in town.

After being told it was free, we jumped right on the offer and boy am I glad we did!! This zoo was very neat. Unlike a lot of zoos you see in the States the animals were all spread out over a large amount of land where they lived in their own habitats and were free to do as they please. It makes for a lot of walking and often you don't see the animals as they are hiding but regardless it was a great experience for the kids.

Not only can you see them doing there thing they also sell alfalfa pellets for just a euro and you can walk around and feed the animals and have deer, and goats, and sheep all eat out of your hands. Having 3 girls 1-2 years old this was the PERFECT outing!! They just loved feeding the animals and would all start giggling every time one would take food from them.

Here are some of the best pictures from the day!

Bear snorkeling on a hot day

the girls feeding the reindeer

Snack break!

They are kinda best friends!!

I think Kyra's favorites were the sheep

Hanging out with the bear!!

After being really hot all day from hiking and sweating our butts off, it was time to come home and swim!! After a brief nap in the car ride home!

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