Saturday, May 7, 2016

How to get books for review for free!!!

So I read an article in someone's blog months and months ago about how to get free stuff from Amazon. I can't for the life of me think whose blog it was and it was very likely from Pinterest. 

Anyways they had suggested to write reviews from every purchase you make on Amazon and compmnines will send you products similar to use and write honest reviews. I was all about that idea, who doesn't like free stuff?? 

Well I realized shortly after you have to have purchased a lot of stuff in a specific type of product. And since I bought all kinds of different things my profile wasn't going to draw much attention to those people. One thing I did buy a lot of??? Books!! 

And I know a ton of you love reading too!! So I am going to tell you the steps you take to get free books!! I mean it seriously rocks.

If you have an Amazon account (are there people who don't?) go to your profile and start to fill it in. Put in interests, and about me, and most importantly your email needs to be on there. A picture doesn't hurt as it makes you look more human. 

Now just go in your purchase history and start reviewing the books you have read!! And even if you didn't buy a book on Amazon you can still write a review on Amazon!!! But with that being said these reviews can't be simply a star rating and a sentence. If you want free books you have to write at least a couple paragraphs!! And don't just write reviews for the books you loved. Honest reviews about books you weren't stoked about will help authors know what you don't want to read also!! 

And after you write a bunch you are gonna start getting emails from authors asking you to read books!!  Don't believe me??? Here is the folder I throw in all my offers so I don't loose them. And I respond to them one at a time or two if Dustin sees one he wants to read. I have gotten kids books, and lots of sci-if because that is what we read most!! And I get more each week so I have an eternal supply of books coming in it's great!! 
These are only the current ones, and ones I'm interested in!

I hope some of you join me and start reading some awesome free books. The authors I have worked with are all awesome and said they will be emailing me again in the future with the next books in the series!!! How awesome is that??? 

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