Thursday, June 30, 2016

Resolution Update

So I am having a hard time believing somehow we have reached Mid Year already!!! That first half flew by. Probably because I have been keeping super busy with work, school, and the kids!! I feel like we are always going non-stop!! But alas, I have one more week of school left for the time being and August tends to be slow in the Photography world in Texas because its Freaking HOT!!!

So I thought I would check back in on where we are now vs 6 months ago, and how I have progressed on my Resolutions. The best way to really make resolutions worth making is to see where you are, see what you still need to do, and realize which ones need to be changed.  So without further ado....Here are my 2016 resolutions.

24 sessions. At just 6 months in I am now at 36 sessions!! And that is just completed not included those that are coming up! So I would say I blew this one out of the water! And still have 6 months to add on to that total!! So fair to say anything from here on out is just added happiness haha!!

Fix financial situation. We aren't out of debt, but we have a pretty cushioned savings built up and we are sticking with our budget more each month so that is a plus!! I'd love to pay off the car early that would be stellar, but for now we will be happy just living comfortably.
Keep up fitness routine. I was doing so good with this the 3 weeks Dustin was gone but school has zapped every second of my day that isn't surrounded by kids!! So until I finish this semester it is going to be difficult getting that ball back rolling, but we are eating exponentially more healthy now that I took this Nutrition class.

KonMarie Method. I managed to declutter my closet ALOT but never really managed to get further than that. I wanted to but its a project and I never seem to find the time.

Read 12 books. Uh I have lost track of how many I have read this year but Im gonna go with 4. That slowed down with school too :(

Get good grades. Well since most of my resolutions got delayed I hope I am going to be able to keep this one. So far I am pretty sure I have an A- or so in both classes but that could all change when I get the grades back from these final projects I have to work on this weekend.

Keep up with Blogs, and YouTube. And provide some new content. URHHHHH I can pretty positively say I failed at this. I think some years are just better than others. But now that I am going to be more open without school for a while,  maybe I will step back up here. I am trying!!

Do a catch up day once a month. This needs to really happen. Then I would be closer to most these resolutions.

Okay not as good as I had hoped. I think it will get better in the next month when I am back to just Work, and kids again!!! And even more so when Kyra starts school and I am down to 1 kid most the day!!!

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