Saturday, July 2, 2016

Plans for Moment in Paradise

So this Blog was one I have been planning to write for sometime but just hadn't set myself down and did it.

As you all know Moment in Paradise Photography has been doing really well here in Killeen and I have love love loved meeting all the amazing clients, many of whom come back for sessions regularly. I am very sad in that sense that 2017 will be only a half year here. As Dustin and I have come to decision that moving the kids and I next summer to Oregon early will be best for everyone, so Kyra can start her school year there and not have to move right in the middle. So I will only be booking sessions in Texas through May.

The beginning of 2017 will bring a few changes to how Moment in Paradise is run. For people here in Killeen you will see a price increase to be able to cover a little bit more of the expenses I put out for props, and accessories to make your sessions great!!! But I will still continue while in Texas to just do Shoot&Burn (aka digital downloads). So with that being said any previous clients who see this I will allow you to book sessions at this years rate if you book them before the end of the year. I will announce this one more time in October on my Facebook page too!

When we move to Oregon, obviously I will need to take a month or two break to get everything set up in Oregon. A new studio, new marketing, and all the taxes and formalities also. But once I am all set up there I am excited to start focusing my business more on Maternity and Newborn, with Milestones and Family on the side.

I will also start doing In Person-Sales. Which is a huge step for my business, but where I really want it to be. I want be able to provide my service from an original in person meet up, design sessions to fit families perfect, have great sessions everyone is prepared for, and than finish them up with helping families make decision on what images they want to print, providing them beautiful products and allowing them to see how their images will look and feel!! I want each session to be an amazing experience they look forward to, and tell all their friends about!

I know I am excited to see where it takes me. And I am so glad that you are all here supporting me along the way, your likes and comments on pictures I post are always so encouraging, and make me feel truly cherished!!

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