Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Switzerland and Austria 2014 (Lichtenstein too)

So most of the Alps that we saw and drove through were in Austria. Having grown up in the Rocky Mountains, the Alps are such a different looking mountain range. That may be hard to explain to someone who hasn't seen both but they are so stunning in their abruptness. I couldn't get enough pictures of these beautiful mountains!!

I have no idea what that says or means but it was pretty while we were waiting for Dustin to buy the Austria tag we had to have on the car!

Starbucks around the world!

Train in Austria!

Some cool road along the side of the mountain.

Kyra is just like her father!

Once we got to Innsbruck we decided to find the first parking garage we could and take a walk in town to find somewhere good to eat! I really liked some of the buildings in town they were so pretty!

Enjoying lunch break

Austrian Beer

Austrian Wine DELISH!

Enjoying an orange juice while watching the vehicles pass by, occasionally even getting some waves :D

Cute little Cafe in Innsbruck Austria

A little after lunch loving :D

After lunch we drove half way up the mountain so we could take this ski lift to the top of the mountain to enjoy the views!!

Long ways to the top!!

Kyra was so brave and even got to talk to a little Austrian girl only a bit older than her!

Brave people hiking the mountain

Kyra and her new friend!

View from the midway point!

Just Stunning country I could spend my entire life there no doubt!

Waiting for the second ski lift to the peak.

Anyone who can see this and not automatically want to just stay and stare at it all day doesn't know what they are missing!

Kyra running around at the peak, you could go outside but the wind was insane, and the wind chill equally crazy!

People skiing, you had to go all the way to the top of mountains to ski due to the lack of snow!

We loved Austria, and were really excited when the next day included a lot of driving through Austria also to get to Lichtenstein and Switzerland!

I love love love old buildings this one looks like it has been there forever!

The Castle of Vaduz

Dustin said it was a foreign dignitary there that is why there was so many cars in front of their city hall.

Their main square was like all made of this orange brick pretty neat!

Swiss Francs

Grumpy butt

Cute Cafe we ate at in Vaduz

Cable car in front of the restaurant

Lichtenstein is a tiny tiny country and had we not stopped for lunch would have only taken maybe 5 mins to pass through. But it is the richest German speaking country in the world (if you were to look at Gross Per Capita)

Our next stop was Switzerland. I am sad that it was such a quick stop as we had snow on the forecast (never showed up) and didn't wanna get stuck driving in it in the dark. So we headed to the closest city over the border, and than looked into things to see. I was having trouble finding anything to exciting, but saw on the map this strange little road that was all squiggly, so with high hopes we drove to it and were so excited to find it was a road up this little mountain. And gave us some of the greatest views of Switzerland, and it looked just like I had pictured it.
The only scary part was the drive up. The fog was so thick just above town that you could barely see like 5 feet in front of you. And there were points along this mountain road that you weren't really sure if the road was turning or not. But it was totally worth the scary journey!

This pretty building was right at the bottom of the mountain, I don't know what it is but again an old building so I loved it

Dustin thought the fog was fun!

Finally got above the fog, does this not look just like how you would picture Switzerland? Rolling green hill tops?

Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm Swiss Chocolate!

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