Saturday, March 22, 2014

Getting back on the bandwagon!

I never thought I would be considered a yo-yo dieter. I think it's sad that most women have to fight to keep weight off. And honestly a full lifestyle change is really hard to obtain. Specially as a foody. I love food ANY kind of food and I swear I am always hungry!

I go months upon months of treating my body amazing I work out daily loose weight and inches and feel amazing about myself. Than I get busy and off track generally in the spring when its nice out and I want to be outside doing things all the time, which leads to not being home during meals and eating food I shouldn't!

So I am trying my hardest to climb back on the bandwagon starting the 1st of April with the encouragement of friends and family! We are starting a biggest loser of sorts competition amongst us as a 30 day challenge to get healthy for the summer season!!  Here is to hoping that I will stick with it and be proud of my body again, I am not happy with the way it fits in clothes again!

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