Monday, March 31, 2014

3 months into 2014

So as you all certainly know if you own some sort of computer, calender, phone etc....its already the last day of March! Which means it is time to check in on this year's resolutions so far. As usual my list of resolutions has changed dramatically in just a matter of 3 months.

Read 12 books: This resolution is one I have stuck to and frankly have been exceeding, If you follow my blog you have already read 5 book reviews this year. But I have actually already finished reading 6 books and am about 1/3 of the way through the 7th book :D
Blog twice a week: I have to say I think this has been the easiest one. With all these resolutions they gave me tons of fun adventures to share with you guys, and from the looks of it you are all enjoying following along on our journey!!

365 project: Okay okay this one flopped and I have started another similar one which hopefully and so far is being much more effective. So this resolution has changed to Photo a day for Kyra's whole 3rd year of life. (Life as a 2 year old)
Read and finish the respect dare This resolution thus far is still just sitting on the back burner I intend to do it but haven't had the chance to get around to it yet.

Run 2 5ks: So I did 1 day of the couch to 5k so far...Yeah this may be one of those things that I thought I was going to accomplish but....we still have 9 months you never know.

Get out of debt This is the one I am most proud of. We decided this year to use our tax refunds to finish getting out of debt so that all future refunds could go into savings to save up to buy a really nice house in the future. My student loan is officially GONE. And as of today we probably have like 200 left on the car, which is something Dustin is going to work on finishing off in the next couple days and we will be debt free. We are very excited about being weirdo's in this world!!

Get organized and declutter: I am sure that this resolution will be something I have with me for the rest of my life as I am the queen of collecting clutter and organization is certainly not something I am known for. But that being said I have made a pretty good dent into the laundry room and Kyra's room and getting rid of the things we don't need. Can't wait to have a garage sale this summer and have some of that stuff dissappear.

Maintain my 4.0 gpa So far this one has been going great. My Photography teacher however is trying his darnest to make this not happen however, docking points off my assignments for unknown reasoning.

Do 24 photo-shootsUhm to say I have been an over-achiever in this area is to put it lightly. And actually I am not sure that is even the word I am looking for. Proud maybe more the idea. So many people have been coming to me to have their pictures done and I love love love doing them for them. As of today I am down to only needing 15 more for the year in order to reach this goal. And have 8 of those planned for April! And 3 in May and 1 in June. So if I some how manage to not reach this goal it will have to be because I totally gave up for some unforeseeable reason.

Go on 3 trips: So this goal may have been set a little low as traveling is our favorite thing to do. I am only including big trips into this one, so obviously our trip to Austria, and Switzerland was a check off the list. And I included the trip to Trier as one too!! But I will easily have done like 10 by the end of the year as we are likely to be moving come January. Gotta knock off everything else we wanna do here in Europe.

Reach 145 So when I originally planned to reach this I was so much closer to reaching it and have perhaps let that get out of control. But tomorrow begins the start of something new a kick start back into reaching my goals!!  So keep an eye out for updates and details in that area in the next week or two :D
Get pregnant This is one goal that is not going to even be started for a few more months...and I still have some weight to loose before hand so...onward.

Try new recipe once a week Uh I quit this resolution early on. If you read my blog you will see I have been trying new recipes still just not every week!

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