Wednesday, April 2, 2014

30 Day challenge!!

I started a 30 day challenge with a wonderful group of family and friends!! We are doing a special workout calender for 30 days and of course some cardio!!

Just in one day of being back on board I feel way better. I also got a big water bottle that has measurements on the side to make sure I am drinking at the very least 64 oz of water a day!! That is my big trick to weight loss!!

This is the first time Dustin and I are both doing a challenge together and it is great :D We have added a 30 min walk after dinner to our normal routine now and it's great!!

Headed to the gym in like 40 mins. I haven't been in there in like a year. And it makes me nervous because I never really know what to do with myself!! But gonna get on the eliptical or treadmill and run a mile and than try to do some lifting, whatever is available in our limited family room in the gym!!

Okay just a quick check in!! Can't wait to share more of my journey with you!!

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