Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hanley Newborn

My friend Jane had this beautiful baby girl Eliana a couple weeks ago!! She is an absolute doll!! Up until the day that she was born they had no idea what they were having. But it was a wonderful thing she was a girl, as she already has her daddy wrapped around her finger!! 

Jane allowed me to use this sweet baby to try my hand at newborn photography... So with a sheet over an ottoman propped up onto a chair stacked on another chair (GHETTO IMPROMPTU STUDIO) we gave it a try. 

My photos are no where near professional looking, but I have to say I personally was impressed with the outcome of my first ever newborn photo-shoot, certainly didn't hurt that baby girl was an amazing little model who stayed asleep the whole time :D

I hope someday I will have another little angel in my "studio" or perhaps have an actual studio to work with!!  I really enjoyed newborn photography, and can't thank Jane enough for letting me borrow her baby!!

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  1. I love these pictures. They are natural and pretty. I don't like the baby pictures where they stuff the poor baby in tiny things.